Thursday, October 13, 2011

PIX afterword and Pittsburgh's ToonSeum

Well, this post is coming a little bit later than I'd promised Ron Frenz, but now I'm glad it is, so I can include the video below. First, a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to the staff of the Pittsburgh ToonSeum for the hard work they did putting together the second annual Pittsburgh Independent comic-book eXpo a.k.a. PIX! It was much appreciated, and I think what those of us in attendance enjoyed the most was a low-key weekend getting caught up with our peers.

Thanks as well to those of you who visited all of us artists and creators who had set up shop. Oh, and thank you to Paige Shoemaker for feeding everyone. We heart you Paige!

Here is a new short documentary on the ToonSeum, featuring local creators Wayne Wise, Ed Piskor, Joe Wos (the director of the ToonSeum), and a certain creator and his book that you just may recognize...!