At HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL we fully pledge to devote our abilities and talents to the welfare of others, regardless of the dangers associated with this duty.

The betterment and safeguarding of humanity is our ultimate goal. We are bound in loyalty to our fellow agents and we accept these responsibilities as an honor.

Heroism is Our Business!

HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL is the world's premier provider of scientific and meta-human emergency nullification services.

Founded in 1970 as THE XERO CORPORATION and appropriately based in New Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - "The Capitol of Champions" - H.C.I. continues an unmatched tradition of international corporate, government and private client service excellence in the field of proactive and defensive protection contracting.

H.C.I. remains committed to saving the world, one customer at a time!

Our ever-expanding services include:

- High Risk Meta-Human Law-Enforcement Support
- Natural, Unnatural & Supernatural Disaster Relief
- Hostile Interstellar Negotiations
- Regional Defense Network Testing