Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sabbatical, Day Three (When I Came to It)

Today, page four beat me. Sort of.

I wasn't up by 6:30AM, but it was close. I got up around 7, and managed to be at the drawing board by 8. However today's page was particularly involved - possibly the most detailed page in the whole issue - and I had left entire panels blank on the thumbnail. At the time I just wasn't able to imagine what they should be, and thought, "Eh, I'll think of that when I come to it."

And today I came to it, and had to figure it out.

Which I did, but it's not quite done...almost though. I also found myself taking a number of breaks today, which I hadn't before. (At one point I even went out to take photos of my friend Lindsey at Allegheny Cemetery. It was a good momentary diversion.) This page was simply more of a challenge. If I were willing to stay up later, it could be completed, but I'd rather get up early tomorrow and stay on a regular schedule than stay up later tonight. I could see that snowballing fast into a bad scene.

Even with the late finish, I'm still doing okay, and I made the right call when producing the thumbnails. The ideas that I pushed out today were better than what I had considered before, and they help the story.

One interesting bit: while I was working on the page, which included a cast member named Doc Creation, the person who inspired the character called and we spent an hour on the phone. That's a weird feeling that's only liable to get weirder in the days ahead.

One day, I want to see action figures of the cast available out there in the world. Crazier things have happened.

More to come...!

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