Friday, March 11, 2011


Our friend Paul Houston over at Renderwrx Productions was kind enough to feature an interview with M.L. Walker back in October, coinciding with the release of HERO CORP., INT'L #1. Once again Paul comes through with a shout-out announcing the online sales debut of our first issue. We can't get anywhere without the help of our comic-support squad, so every bit of outside promotion helps.

In the turnabout-is-fair-play department, go check out the webcomics, columns and articles over at Renderwrx. It's fun and engaging stuff. I recommend the stories COMMUNITY, which was written and illustrated by Paul himself, as well as GREY LEMON (a personal favorite), MR. AMAZING and STRONG.

Thanks again, Paul. Hope you're able to make it back to the Capitol of Champions in July for the unofficial Hero Corp. reunion we're planning!

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